Overnight Millionaire System Review

Overnight Millionaire System Review

There has been a lot of positive feedback about this system recently, which led me to review and test it out for myself. So let’s take a closer look at this Overnight Millionaire System Review to see if it lives up to all the promises and hype.



If you have previously visited my site before you may already know that I never review and recommend a product or program until I actually get it for myself and test it out first to make sure that it delivers on what it promises.

Overnight Millionaire System Review
Overnight Millionaire System Review

So What Is The Overnight Millionaire System All About?

The Overnight Millionaire System was created by a guy called Wesley Virgin (pictured below), who, according to an article on Forbes.com, is a self-made millionaire and creator of Virgin Media which is based in Houston Texas.

Overnight Millionaire System Review
Overnight Millionaire System Review

He credits his success to what he calls “uncut mind hacks” which allow him to bring his entrepreneurial ideas to life. He has a following of over 1 million people, and an incredible $30 million that he was able to generate in just one year through his online promotion and ownership of fitness products. He is continuously involved in offering to help aspiring entrepreneurs in altering their potentially confined mindsets.

In the introduction video that you first come across in the members area of the Overnight Millionaire System, he talks about how he struggled for about 7 years to become successful and how he tried various things like self help books and seminars etc, you name it – he tried it.

However, finally he discovered what DID work and how his success is all down to having the correct mindset in the first place.


Overnight Millionaire System Review
Overnight Millionaire System Review

With this program Wesley goes into detail about how he struggled financially and went from making around $500 a month to making over 1 Million Dollars in a single month!

This was all done using the methods that he talks about within the Overnight Millionaire System, and he goes on to explain that basically we all have two minds – the conscious and sub-conscience mind.

What I particularly liked about this program is that it is very easy to understand and the whole process is really very simple to do.

You are provided with a set of audio files that you need to listen to EVERY day for maximum effect. It is a good idea to use some quality headphones when you listen to these files as it helps to focus your mind and achieve faster results.

Just by listening to these audio files will enable you to condition your mind for success and abundance. You just have to listen to each audio Every Day for the 30 full days.



Basically, there are 5 main audio files that you need to listen to each day and they range from approximately 2 minutes and 16 minutes in length – about 30-35 minutes in total.

Now, what I found really impressive about listening to these audio files was the fact that they are different and unlike any that I have come across before. I have always been curious and a little interested myself about things like hypnosis and the power of the mind for achieving goals and success. However, these were different, and contain both a form of Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as well as implanting new positive beliefs concerning wealth into your mind.

This kind of programming has in fact also been used by the CIA over the years too!

If it was all just nonsense then why would the CIA have spent a lot of time and effort using them?

By the way, don’t just take my word about this, you can easily find this out for yourself by doing an online search regarding this.

Anyway, on with this Overnight Millionaire System review…

At first, you may not notice anything different for the first few days or so after listening to these files and this is normal. However, you will need to stick with listening to them on a daily basis and for the full 30 days in order to start seeing positive results.

You can download and store these files onto most devices, such as a PC, Laptop, Phone etc. As I mentioned earlier though, you will need a reasonably good pair of quality headphones or ear plugs for the best results.


Overnight Millionaire System Review
Overnight Millionaire System Review

As well as the 5 audio files there are also some very easy to understand training videos too, which are all aimed at helping you to succeed. I found these videos to be very informative and really motivating in keeping focused.

You will also discover a series of what are known as ‘Mind Hacks’ within the Overnight Millionaire System and I have listed them below with a brief description of what each one contains.

Millionaire Hack #1 – The Untold Secret to Writing in your journal to Manifest anything you want FAST!

Millionaire Hack #2 – How To Visualize to manifest things faster

Millionaire Hack #3 – How To Become a Person High Value to Attract More Customers Even If you Don't Have a Business.

Millionaire Hack #4 – How To Listen To The Right Person To Get What You Want Faster, this video will save you years of frustration and failure

Millionaire Hack #5 – How To create unshakeable belief so you can see results faster

Millionaire Hack #6 – How I create multiple streams of income with little to know effort

Millionaire Hack #7 – How to become a great persuader with ease

He also includes a few bonus videos and audio


Below is a series of bonuses that also come complete with this system

Bonus: Underground Techniques And Mind Hacks

Bonus: Body Stimulating Formula – this video is POWERFUL! It covers depression, body posture, and a few simple “hacks” you can do IMMEDIATELY to feel better!

Bonus: Millionaires Morning Ritual

Bonus: Supernatural Wealth Frequencies

On top of these are secure download links to the Bonus Millionaire Meditation and the Bonus Execution Guide.


Overnight Millionaire System Review
Overnight Millionaire System Review

If for any reason you are not entirely happy with the Overnight Millionaire System then you are completely covered by a 60 Day money back guarantee.


When I first started to review the Overnight Millionaire System I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Now that I have had a chance to go through the whole system myself and to put the methods that Wesley teaches into action for myself I have so far been very impressed with the whole product and am actually using the materials contained within it myself on a daily basis.

This program is not the usual ‘how to make money online’ product that I usually review on this site, it is more about creating the correct mindset to help you achieve and realise your goals and desires.

I firmly believe that the Overnight Millionaire System is one the most powerful and effective ways of re-programming your mind to achieve your financial goals, and puts you into a much more positive state of mind to potentially become a millionaire like Wesley in a relatively short space of time.

I will probably update this review at a later date to share my results. Until then though this is one quality product that I can highly recommend to anyone who is looking to change their financial situation for the better.

I hope that you have found my Overnight Millionaire System review both helpful and informative. You can find out more about it by clicking through my exclusive link below