How To Make Money Online From Home

How To Make Money Online From Home

The method that I am about to share with you here is one of the easiest and quickest ways on how to make money online from home without any money up front – except for a domain and hosting costs.

If you follow this method and strategies as I describe below then you will have a proven almost fool proof method to make money online from home Using FREE Leveraged Traffic From Other Online Marketing Gurus!

How To Make Money Online From Home
How To Make Money Online From Home

This is a way for you to become an overnight guru in any niche market, and make a killing and build a HUGE email list all at the same time. You don’t need any marketing experience or too spend any money (apart from a domain name and hosting). All you need is motivation and persistence, something so many wannabe entrepreneurs lack. It’s down to you put this into action, and when you do you will see just how easy this method is.

This method of how to make money online from home involves the concept of Joint Venture Marketing which is not new. However, I have adapted it for my own affiliate marketing projects and it works very well indeed, but only if you follow ALL the steps I outline below.



The niche that you choose is really not that important, but try to find one that pays out a higher than average commission, and if possible a recurring commission.

Signing up to a high ticket affiliate program like this one is where the really BIG money can be made with this method, and is what I have been using successfully to bring in long term passive income each and every month.

I am now generating a very nice ongoing residual monthly income with this program alone, and when using it combined with the method that I am giving you here can make you some serious money if you follow everything correctly here.

You can read my full review on the program that I am currently promoting using this method here

If you prefer not to use the affiliate program that I recommend then you can also use what is called PLR  (Private Label Rights products), which basically means that you have the license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work . You can find loads of these kind of products online by simply doing a Google search for PLR, followed by the niche that you wish to use.


In order to get maximum success from this method you will need to set up a FREE Trial with a reliable Auto Responder, so that you are able to capture the many email address leads that you will receive. You will then be able to target these leads with similar offers in the future and make even more money in the months and years to come.

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What you need to do next is to purchase a domain name and hosting (if you don’t already have one), in the particular niche that you are interested in being an affiliate for, for example make money online, health etc..

The hosting that I recommend for this method SiteGround, as it has excellent site building features and you can start with just $3.95 per month

Then, you simply add the affiliate product that you are promoting as the first post on your new website.

Next, you need to contact website/blog owners in your niche market, we’ll use the “make money online” market for this example, and ask them if they wish to donate one of their products to your website as part of an upcoming Blowout Sale.

What you are going to be doing here is selling a HUGE amount of products from one website. You might sell 50 products that usually sell for $50 each, for $197 for them all And only for two or 3 weeks.

You get these products by emailing the site owners in your niche and asking them donate a product.

Why would they do this you may ask?

There are 3 main reasons:

1) For exposure. Done properly a blowout sale website can get hundreds of thousands of visitors in a just few weeks.

2) They build their list. Once someone has bought through your website you then have links to the downloads of the products on the marketers website who donated that specific product. They can add an opt-in form to that web page so everyone who buys the blowout package can see their opt-in form and may get on their list.

3) They make commissions on the sale. You’ll give them 60% of each sale they make of the entire blowout package.

The best way for me to explain this to you is to show you an example of someone else who does this successfully. A marketer called John Delevara has been running a Christmas blowout called Santa’s Deal Time for years. The guy is a multi-millionare. He wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t a boat load of cash to be made.

To see for yourself some older examples of this site from previous years go to then type in into the “take me back” box. This will show you an archive of the old Santa Deal Time web pages. Click on the month of December for each year and just have a read through and you will see some great examples.

You’ll see a few things. Firstly, there isn’t any real sales copy there. That’s because the offer speaks for itself. John has tried and tested this sales copy and it works. So go ahead and swipe it for your own website. Use it as a template for your own blowout sale offer.

Secondly, you’ll see that there are tons of marketers who have willingly donated products. That’s because they know the power of these things and how it can gain them mass exposure and build their list as I said.

Here’s the really cool part though.

Every single marketer on that web page promoted that offer! That means it has in-built traffic! So John didn’t have to worry about getting site visitors. All those who donated a product also promoted the offer, meaning John just set this all up sat back and watched the sales roll in, making a fortune in the process!


In order for you to be able to track who sends you visitors and makes sales you need an affiliate program on your website. I suggest using Paypal to process the payments and www.paydotcom for the affiliate program. Also, it is a good idea to contact Paypal before your website goes live so they can be alerted to expect a lot of payments coming in.

If you prefer you can also save time setting everything up on your site by going over to or and paying someone else to do this for you and get it all set up correctly.


Next, just go to google and start typing in keywords related to your market. If you were in the self-help market you may type in things like self-help, personal development, confidence, anxiety, hypnosis, motivation.

Or, you could choose the how to make money online from home niche like I did, but hopefully you get the idea.

Make a list of the top 20 websites that show up on the first and second pages of google. By the time you have finished doing this you should already have a long list of site owners to contact and ask to them to donate a product to your site.

However, the next strategy that I have also used very successfully can put your website through the roof very quickly!

Simply type into Google your niche forum, for example; Self Help Forum, or Business Opportunities Forum. How to make money online from home Forum. Next, you make a post in the forum asking for any site owners to donate products to your blowout site.

You can also find a ton of Internet Marketers via Youtube too, just send them a message using the email template like the one that I have given you below.


NOTE: (Don’t forget to modify and edit this email template with your own details before sending it to potential joint venture partners).

“Hi. My name is (type your name) and I am in the (enter your niche) market.

I came across your website when doing some research for the (niche) and see that you are in the same market as myself. I was wondering if you could spare me a few moments as I have a business proposal that is mutually beneficial for the both of us.

This year, as a special promotion, I am having what is called a “blowout” sale from my website ( The sale will last for two weeks and will provide people interested in our mutual (niche) market with a huge amount of value.

The idea is a simple one. Website owners in the niche provide me with a report, product, course, subscription or anything of genuine value to add to the package. Ideally, this would have a value of $20 or more..

Eventually, I plan to have dozens of products in the Blowout package. I will be selling the entire package for $197.

By offering a product to the package you ill get a number of very cool benefits. You will gain mass exposure for your website at no extra cost.

Also, you will build your email list at no extra cost. Once people purchase the package, in order to download your specific product they will have to click on a link to your website. Here you can have an email opt-in form they have to fill in before gaining access.

Finally, you will become an affiliate to my closed door affiliate program, which means should you promote the site yourself you will get commissions of over $100 per sale.

This is a win-win situation for everyone. You gain exposure for your site, commissions and build your list, and I also benefit in the same way.

I’d love to hear back from you.

You can contact me at:

(enter your email address) and we can move forward with this joint venture together.

To our success,

(your name)

The above is pretty much the exact email that I have used numerous times before and the bottom line is it works! So fill in the blanks in the in the template above with your own details and use it when contacting marketers in your niche.


Each time you get a positive response from someone you contact tell them so send you the link they want people to visit to download the product they have donated, and a blurb (a short promotional piece of text, images, and/or video) about the product. It only needs to be about 250 words or so.

All you do each time someone sends you a product blurb simply add it to your sales page, and add the links to the download page.


Tell all those marketers that have donated products that for two weeks (or more if you wish), that they should promote the blowout site to earn big commissions. For example, if you were holding a Christmas Blowout sale you could target the first two or three weeks of December.

NOTE: This method works extremely well at almost any time of the year, for example, you could have a Christmas Blowout sale. Or,you could decide to do a Spring or Summer Blowout sale, hopefully you get the idea though.


If you get this right it will go nuts for two or three weeks I can promise you!

I have seen people bring in tens of thousands in sales in just a few days with this method.

The genius of it all is your work is just putting it together and everything else happens automatically. You get sent the visitors, the visitors buy, money goes into your Paypal account, they get sent to a download page with the links to the products that were donated. Your only concern is what to spend the money on!


One of cool things about Blowout sales is that you don’t need to offer a refund on them. Because people can essentially download dozens of products for a fraction of the price they usually pay, these kind of things don’t usually have a refund period. If I were doing it I would offer one, but you don’t need to with this method that’s what I am saying.

After the refund period has expired, if you offered one, or within a fortnight of your Blowout sale closing down if you didn’t offer one. it’s time to pay your affiliates.

If you choose to use Paydotcom for this, then simply sign up with them and log into your affiliate commission stats. You can download these in Excel format. Next, log into your Paypal account and select “mass pay” at the bottom. Upload the Excel spreadsheet and pay your affiliates all in one go.

Bingo! Probably the easiest money you could ever make!

Simply rinse and repeat this method as often as you wish to make even more money throughout the year, such as Spring Blowout Sale, Summer Blowout Sale and so on…


You’ll earn around $40-$50 plus per sale. So let’s say you sell a measly 250 packages. That’s $40,000 – $50,000 in your bank account. And that’s AFTER you have paid your affiliates!

The truth is, because you will have many big marketers in your niche willing to promote, you could make a hell of a lot more sales than that. I like to always be ultra conservative though. You may sell less, you may sell more, either way this is almost like taking candy from a baby. This has got to be one of the easiest and fastest ways on how to make money online from home that I have ever used myself.


It doesn’t end there though. You could build a HUGE email list in just a couple of weeks which you can profit from for years to come.

You don’t even need to have to worry about creating your own product either to use this method. If you also join a solid and reliable Affiliate program like this one that I am currently promoting as well, you could potentially earn a LOT more money in ongoing residual monthly income. This is on top of your commissions from all the leveraged traffic that these marketers will send you!

All you have to do is to post your affiliate link from the affiliate program and short description at the top of your new website, then just add each product link that you will receive from the other vendors underneath as when you receive them.

I hope that you can now start to appreciate the full power and effectiveness of this method of how to make money online from home if set up and used correctly?

This is a really powerful and effective way of how to make money online from home and trust me it works!

This method also the perfect solution to all your traffic problems and also getting FREE laser targeted traffic to your affiliate link (or whatever other online business opportunity you are involved with) using other marketers mailing lists and customers.