DFY Suite Review

DFY Suite Review

Welcome to my DFY Suite Review.

Here we will be taking a closer look at this new software to see if it really does live up to all the sales page hype and whether or not it lives up to expectations.

As some readers of this website probably already know, I do not usually write reviews for new software products that I feel are misleading or over hyped when it comes to getting page 1 rankings on Google.

There have been countless products released before that make similar claims that are just not worth the money and I would not recommend at all.

However, when I received review access to DFY Suite I soon realised after testing it out for myself that this was one of the few that was different.

DFY Suite Review
DFY Suite Review


Let's take a closer look at what DFY Suite actually is and what it does.

When you first view the sales page of DFY Suite, the product creator Joshua Zamora claims that you will be able to get first page rankings on Google by using this software for either websites that you already have, or videos that you need to rank higher.

Have you heard these sorts of claims before?

It also goes on to say that you will be able to get FREE TARGETED buyer traffic in 48 hours or less – quite a bold claim to make in my opinion!

That is until I tested DFY Suite out for myself and actually saw the potential of this software for myself.


As you are probably already aware, trying to get free traffic to your website or video is often one of the most hardest and time consuming tasks these days.

However, this is where DFY Suite really does help to solve this problem, because it makes it so easy for even a newbie to achieve page 1 rankings – even if you have had no previous experience in SEO.

Although the sales page for DFY Suite is pretty self explanatory when it comes to what you will actually be getting if you purchase it, I will break down the main benefits and features below.

DFY Suite Review

First of all, DFY Suite allows you pretty much submit any URL that you wish, whether this be for a website or a video (as was the case when I was testing it out for myself with a Youtube video I wanted to rank higher for). You can even use it for eCommerce stores, Amazon affiliate pages, niche websites etc..

There are two versions of DFY Suite, the Lite version, which comes with 1000 credits – 1 credit is actually one backlink, and the Agency version which comes with 5000 credits.

You then decide on how many links that you wish to send to each URL that you submit. Using the Pro version you have a maximum of 100 links that you can use, or, with the Agency+ level you have 5000 credits. If you choose to go with the Agency level then you will be able to send up to 100 backlinks to 50 different URLs such as websites, videos eCom stores etc.

One of the other main benefits that I liked about DFY Suite is that you are able to schedule how quickly you want your syndication to be done. You can also let the system generate the content for your campaigns if you wish as well.

This is a complete done-for you system that requires NO extra effort or work from you – apart from submitting your keywords and URLs.

One of the advantages of choosing the DFY Suite Agency Rights option is that as well as having this very powerful system to rank your own websites videos eCommerce stores etc, you will also have the option of being able to offer this as a service for clients if you choose to go down this route.


As I have already mentioned, I tested DFY Suite out for myself for one of my Youtube videos that I wanted to rank higher for and the results were very positive indeed, and I am already starting to see my video rank much higher.

The video in question is not related to any of the product reviews that I have written here on this site as I already use my own SEO methods to rank my posts high on Google. You can check this out for yourself if you like? You will notice that several of my reviews here are still on page 1 of Google, so I don't really need to use DFY Suite for this purpose.

However, as I proved to myself when ranking my Youtube higher I was very pleasantly surprised at just how fast DFY Suite was able to do this for me and I am already using it to rank more videos higher on both Youtube and Google.

DFY Suite Review


DFY Suite has been created by Joshua Zamora (pictured below), who is one of the most well known online marketing product creators today, who has gained a positive reputation for consistently coming up with best selling products such as X Ranker, Video Traffic Genie, DFY Chief etc. You don’t have to take my word for it though, simply Google his name and you will find a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from users who have purchased his products in the past.

DFY Suite Review


If you are not completely satisfied for whatever reason when you purchase DFY Suite then you are also fully covered by a rock solid 100% Money back guarantee.


I hope that you have found my DFY Suite review both informative and helpful in deciding whether or not this great piece of software is for you or not. Based on my experience of actually using DFY Suite and testing it out on my own videos I can say here now that I am very impressed with this great product, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who is looking for a complete done-for-you high quality simple 3 step system that actually works.

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