Free Downloads And Training

This page contains a selection of free training downloads that I have compiled that will show you how to make money online in the shortest possible time, and with little if any up front money to start.

You will find the download links for each product listed underneath each title. I hope that you will find these information products and reports both useful and helpful. I have personally used many of these methods for my own online business because they work!

$4,214 Per Month From Cheatsheets

This works with any sort of affiliate marketing and shows you exactly how to create these cheatsheets – it’s SO simple! The ‘secret sauce’ that makes this so powerful.


49 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

49 winning website traffic ideas. The difference between ordinary traffic, and TARGETED traffic. Every method is free!


5 Steps To Promoting Affiliate Offers On Forums

How to choose the right forum.
How to use your affiliate link on a forum without making people angry
What not to do when promoting products as an affiliate on a forum


Getting Started As An Amazon Affiliate

Getting started – including sign up links for all of Amazon’s affiliate programs.
How to write content that will convert into sales
The do’s and don’ts of Amazon affiliate marketing


How To Build Your Brand With Instagram

Discover exactly how to build your brand with Instagram images
4 killer tips to turn your Instagram followers into paying customers
why watching your competition is crucial to your success.


The Successful Affiliate Strategy

6 steps to becoming a super affiliate.
How to find a niche, products and keywords that convert
How to set up your site (and the one thing you MUST do)
How to generate traffic