DFY Hero Review

DFY Hero


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  • Contains everything that you need and more to get started.


  • None that I could find, and believe me I looked carefully for them!

DFY Hero Review

Welcome to my DFY Hero Review. Having just finished reviewing this new product I give you my honest opinion about this easy to use and beginner friendly package.

Sometimes when I read the words DFY (Done For You) from some of the many product launches that are constantly being promoted online I am usually a bit sceptical.

However, DFY Hero came as a pleasant surprise to me when I reviewed it, because it turned out that in the case of this product it really was true.

DFY Hero Review
DFY Hero Review

What first caught my attention was that it does in fact contain all the tools necessary that you need to create a profitable online business from scratch.

What You Get With DFY Hero

Basically you will be getting 100 completely Done For You websites, sales pages, squeeze pages, eCom stores and blogs that you can simply import, edit, and even sell for yourself if you wish to.

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Let's Take A Closer Look At DFY HERO

One of the main advantages of DFY Hero that I really like is that it enables you to host your own websites within the DFY Hero members area. This alone can save you money on your monthly hosting costs, which can soon mount up, espcially if you have several websites.

If you consider that what you will be getting here is the opportunity to create limitless websites yourself for a one off payment.

As you start to build up your sites using DFY Hero you then also have the option of either growing them to produce a profitable income for yourself or, selling them on sites like Flippa.

About The Creator Of DFY HERO

DFY Hero was created by Cindy Donovan, a well known products creator, primarily based around the WordPress blogging platform and also lately cloud based software products (SaaS).

DFY Hero Review
DFY Hero Review

DFY Hero Templates And Themes

There are a wide variety of different templates and themes that you can use inside DFY Hero. In fact there are 100 completely Done For You websites, sales pages, squeeze pages, eCom stores and blogs that you can simply import, edit, and even sell for yourself.

You can even create fully populated websites for local business owners
(including contact pages, about us pages, images and placeholders for all of your client's information)

DFY Hero Review
DFY Hero Review

Other Main Benefits Of DFY Hero

Create whole Woocommerce integrated eCommerce sites
(create entire ecom stores for your physical products in a snap!) 

Lead capture report pages, download pages and more!

DFY Hero also allows you to create UNLIMITED stunning websites without writing a single line of code and without hiring expensive designers.

You also have the option of either creating all your work using a sub domain within the members area, or by purchasing your own domain and then adding this to it as well.

When you first notice the dashboard layout within DFY Hero it looks very similar to a common WordPress website which in my opinion makes it easier to understand and navigate around.

DFY Hero Review
DFY Hero Review

How easy is it to use DFY Hero?

After testing DFY Hero out for a while I found it to be actually very simple and straight forward for most people to understand. However, if you do have any problems or issues then they do have a very responsive customer support on hand to help you out.


All in all DFY Hero is a great product for both beginners and more experienced Internet Marketers alike and is very easy to use too. There really isn't a lot more that I can say about DFY Hero in this review because the sales page itself is pretty self explanatory as to just what you will be getting with this product. I will finish off though by adding that DFY Hero would also be ideal for those who do not wish to spend a lot of money on hosting or other expensive software funnels around on the market today.

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Author: Lee

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