A I Affiliate Bots Review

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  • Extremely easy to use and set up
  • A quality product from well known product creators
  • Great and responsive Customer Support


  • None that I found, and I tested this software thoroughly!

A I Affiliate Bots Review

After getting review access to this new software and discovering exactly how it works I have to say that I was very impressed with my findings.


I recall a few years ago now when I set up my very own first Amazon affiliate site. I did all this manually, and it took me weeks to finally get my store up and running after adding the products to it one by one. Yes, the site was a success and it made me some nice commission cheques on a regular basis too.

However, the point is that although setting up an Amazon affiliate store like this is sometimes the best way to go, it is also very time consuming and in my case didn’t leave me much time to focus on my other business ventures.

This is where A I Affiliate Bots comes in, and why after testing it out for this review I will be implementing this myself soon because it really does have a lot of potential to bring some nice commissions, and not just from Amazon either!

A I Affiliate Bots Review


A I Affiliate Bots is a brand new cloud based 6-in-1 Software, which now makes affiliate marketing a whole lot easier and faster.

A I Affiliate Bots combines both the giants YouTube and Amazon with FIVE software’s that are contained within the main product.

Although the sales page for A I Affiliate Bots is pretty self-explanatory about how this all works once you have set it up, I will try and elaborate further here by breaking it all down into easy to follow steps.


The whole set up and process of using A I Affiliate Bots is really easy to understand and follow, and can essentially be broken down into 5 simple steps which I have outlined below:

STEP 1. First of all you search for a hot or trending niche subject on YouTube. You then use what is known as the “Zen Niches” software within A I Affiliate Bots that finds you Amazon, ClickBank & JVZoo niches that are making thousands of dollars per day.

This step alone ensures that you this free traffic has a very high chance of converting into huge profits for you.

STEP 2. You then move on to creating a campaign, which takes just 1 minute to complete!

Then, you simply choose which affiliate program that you wish to promote and A I Affiliate Bots then creates an instant affiliate review automatically for you.

This new automated review literally only takes a few seconds with the powerful A I Affiliate Bots spinner software!

The next step is that you simply load the software, drag and drop a few products into the builder, and the software goes to work and spins this into a complete ready made product review.

Finally you then click to export the campaign zip (with spun article and video file), ready for the next step…

STEP 3. Create your videos in 1 minute

The next step is to create a new video – which is done automatically using what is called a Zen Video software.

This allows you to choose from loads of of done-for-you HD animation videos.

This Zen video maker software creates instant affiliate review videos for any affiliate program, using the campaign file you just built with Zen Affiliate (It really is that simple and easy to use!)

The Zen tool even automatically converts the done-for-you script into a voiceover, using Google’s new “WaveVoice” AI voiceover technology!

Go from affiliate niche, to profitable video in 1 minute…

STEP 4. Build Affiliate websites

Now that your video has been created the final step is to host it online, and that's where the Zen E-commerce Theme comes in.

This unique theme allows you to import all of your articles and videos that have been created by the Zen Affiliate tool with just one click. You are then left with an instant, authority ecommerce site which will then proceed to get you free traffic from Google, and go on to earn affiliate commissions passively.

STEP 5 1000 Keywords in 1 minute

Finally, you then use the Zen Keyword tool to find thousands of profitable e-commerce keywords that get free traffic.

Start by choosing your niche keyword (from 100 profitable ecommerce/Amazon niches), then steal your competitors' best keywords!

The tool includes hundreds of websites – and over 10,000 keywords, generating over $1 million a day in sales!

It's the fastest way to find the best 100-1000 free Google & YouTube buyer keywords for our niche…

A I Affiliate Bots Review


As I have mentioned in some of my other posts and reviews on this site, I am not always a big fan of some of the automated software packages and article spinners out there on the market today that really don’t live up to expectations when you put them into use.

However, with A I Affiliate Bots I really believe that this product is different and does produce the desired results when you start using it. The other main advantage of using his software is that you are not just restricted to Amazon when it comes to making commissions.

You can also use it on sites like Clickbank and JVZoo as well. These platforms always have many high converting affiliate offers that you can use with A I Affiliate Bots.

Whether you are looking to get into affiliate marketing, or if you are already an experienced marketer find out why I believe that A I Affiliate Bots is the answer that you have looking for when it comes to making long term passive affiliate commissions.

A I Affiliate Bots Review


A I Affiliate Bots was created by Chris X and his partner Rich Williams, who have been in this business for years now and have a solid and reliable reputation when it comes to producing quality products.


There is also a 100% money back guarantee with A I Affiliate Bots should you not be happy with your purchase in any way. So at least you will be covered during this time period if you decide for whatever reason that you wish to claim your money back.

A I Affiliate Bots Review


I hope that you found my A I Affiliate Bots Review both informative and helpful in your to decision on whether to buy it. I tested it out thoroughly and overall found it very easy to set up and use too.

I have no hesitation in giving A I Affiliate Bots a big thumbs up here and can fully recommend this software to anyone who is looking to make a completely passive and ongoing income from affiliate marketing for the foreseeable future

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Author: Lee

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