12 Minute Affiliate Review

12 Minute Affiliate Review

Welcome to my 12 Minute Affiliate review, which is a new product created by Devon Brown. Here we will take a closer look at what the 12 Minute Affiliate System actually is and whether or not you can really make money from it.

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Now, let's proceed with my 12 Minute Affiliate review

I received review access to 12 Minute Affiliate recently, and when I first started going through the training and following the instructions my first thoughts were that this product was not going to live up to all the hype and promises that you will find on the sales page.

12 Minute Affiliate Review
12 Minute Affiliate Review

However, one of the reasons that I reviewed 12 minute affiliate is because I had previously heard about it's creator Devon Brown, and his reputation as an honest and successful online marketer who has launched quality products in the past before.

After I had started to look a little deeper into the 12 Minute Affiliate System I started to realise that this product is actually really good!


Basically, the 12 Minute Affiliate is a newbie friendly product that has been created that teaches you how to make money from affiliate marketing.

Now, I know that there are countless other affiliate marekting courses and products around today that all seem to offer the same methods and instructions, however, this one soon struck as refreshing different from many of them.

As you will notice on the sales page for the 12 minute affiliate system, Devon Brown says he will teach you the 3 top secrets of the $100k affiliates.

12 Minute Affiliate Review
12 Minute Affiliate Review

What I have started to notice in recent times is the steady increase in the amount of webinars being used to launch new affiliate marketing products when they are released. For example, take the Super Affiliates System 3.0 by Jon Crestani that I reviewed recently, this is still one of the best products that I have ever reviewed!

These kind of webinars often stand out from many of the over hyped sales pages that you see that are marketing inferior products.

Don't get me wrong, there are also a lot of very good products that are still being promoted using these kind of sales pages that are really good.

All I am saying is that some of the more quality products that are being released nowadays are using these kind of webinars to get their sales pitch across.

This is one of the first things that you notice with the 12 Minute Affiliate webinar – although it is not actually a live webinar, it is in fact an automated webinar.


The content that Devon shares within the members area of the 12 minute affiliate system is very good indeed, and is around 1-2 hours of quality content. Devon then goes into great detail and gives you all of his affiliate marketing strategies that have earned him around 5-6 figures per month

Basically the 12 Minute Affiliate system is a plug and play method that makes affiliate marketing a lot easier for both newbies and more experienced marketers alike.

12 Minute Affiliate Review
12 Minute Affiliate Review


The 12 minute affiliate system sales page claims that it can be set up and running within just 12 minutes – hence the name of the title product!

It goes on to explain that you will be able to earn commissions in even the most profitable and the biggest niches.

The 12 minute affilate system also shows you how to build up your email lists, which will allow you to post follow up emails to your leads for months and years to come with just a click of a button.

In a nutshell how the 12 minute affiliate system works is that you will be getting full access to a system that is designed exactly the same way as a sales funnel.

This funnel enables you to then make money by promoting products to your leads in your email lists and follow up with these people automatically in the future.

It is worth pointing out here that although this product is called the 12 minute affiliate it is not quite as simple as just setting it all up and expecting to make instant commissions just like that. After all, you are still going to need to drive traffic to your funnel, which isn't always as easy as it sounds.

This was the only slight issue that I had with the name the 12 minute affiliate, because I have yet to come across any system or method out there today that can make you commissions in just 12 minutes!


As you can see by the screenshot below, the actual members area of 12 Minute Affiliate is very well laid out and easy to follow along with.

12 Minute Affiliate Review
12 Minute Affiliate Review


If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase of 12 Minute Affiliate then there is a full 60 Day Ironclad Money Back Guarantee


I hope that that you found my 12 minute affiliate review both helpful and useful here. After thoroughly testing it out for myself I came to the conclusion that this product certainly does work and I can recommend it overall as a very powerful and proven way to make money in affiliate marketing.

A good funnel when set up correctly and using targeted traffic will almost always work extremely well and can make you a lot of money in commissions.

The whole system can easily be set up a very short time too. However, as I mentioned above, you will need to drive traffic to your funnel once you are ready, which is where a lot of people starting out in affiliate marketing struggle.

This need not be a negative issue though because if you already know how to direct quality traffic to your funnel or you use paid traffic then the 12 minute affiliate system is an excellent product overall.

As I said, the 12 minute affiliate system does work very well, however, naming it the 12 Minute Affiliate is just too gimmicky for me and I very much doubt that even some of the very best affiliate marketers around would be able to achieve that.


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