How To Make Money Online From Home

How To Make Money Online From Home

The method that I am about to share with you here is one of the easiest and quickest ways on how to make money online from home without any money up front – except for a domain and hosting costs.

If you follow this method and strategies as I describe below then you will have a proven almost fool proof method to make money online from home Using FREE Leveraged Traffic From Other Online Marketing Gurus!

How To Make Money Online From Home
How To Make Money Online From Home

This is a way for you to become an overnight guru in any niche market, and make a killing and build a HUGE email list all at the same time. You don’t need any marketing experience or too spend any money (apart from a domain name and hosting). All you need is motivation and persistence, something so many wannabe entrepreneurs lack. It’s down to you put this into action, and when you do you will see just how easy this method is.

This method of how to make money online from home involves the concept of Joint Venture Marketing which is not new. However, I have adapted it for my own affiliate marketing projects and it works very well indeed, but only if you follow ALL the steps I outline below.



The niche that you choose is really not that important, but try to find one that pays out a higher than average commission, and if possible a recurring commission.

Signing up to a high ticket affiliate program like this one is where the really BIG money can be made with this method, and is what I have been using successfully to bring in long term passive income each and every month.

I am now generating a very nice ongoing residual monthly income with this program alone, and when using it combined with the method that I am giving you here can make you some serious money if you follow everything correctly here.

You can read my full review on the program that I am currently promoting using this method here

If you prefer not to use the affiliate program that I recommend then you can also use what is called PLR  (Private Label Rights products), which basically means that you have the license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work . You can find loads of these kind of products online by simply doing a Google search for PLR, followed by the niche that you wish to use.


In order to get maximum success from this method you will need to set up a FREE Trial with a reliable Auto Responder, so that you are able to capture the many email address leads that you will receive. You will then be able to target these leads with similar offers in the future and make even more money in the months and years to come.

Click Here For A FREE TRIAL Of My Recommended Auto Responder For This Method


What you need to do next is to purchase a domain name and hosting (if you don’t already have one), in the particular niche that you are interested in being an affiliate for, for example make money online, health etc..

The hosting that I recommend for this method SiteGround, as it has excellent site building features and you can start with just $3.95 per month

Then, you simply add the affiliate product that you are promoting as the first post on your new website.

Next, you need to contact website/blog owners in your niche market, we’ll use the “make money online” market for this example, and ask them if they wish to donate one of their products to your website as part of an upcoming Blowout Sale.

What you are going to be doing here is selling a HUGE amount of products from one website. You might sell 50 products that usually sell for $50 each, for $197 for them all And only for two or 3 weeks.

You get these products by emailing the site owners in your niche and asking them donate a product.

Why would they do this you may ask?

There are 3 main reasons:

1) For exposure. Done properly a blowout sale website can get hundreds of thousands of visitors in a just few weeks.

2) They build their list. Once someone has bought through your website you then have links to the downloads of the products on the marketers website who donated that specific product. They can add an opt-in form to that web page so everyone who buys the blowout package can see their opt-in form and may get on their list.

3) They make commissions on the sale. You’ll give them 60% of each sale they make of the entire blowout package.

The best way for me to explain this to you is to show you an example of someone else who does this successfully. A marketer called John Delevara has been running a Christmas blowout called Santa’s Deal Time for years. The guy is a multi-millionare. He wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t a boat load of cash to be made.

To see for yourself some older examples of this site from previous years go to http://www.archive.org/index.php then type in http://www.santadealtime.com into the “take me back” box. This will show you an archive of the old Santa Deal Time web pages. Click on the month of December for each year and just have a read through and you will see some great examples.

You’ll see a few things. Firstly, there isn’t any real sales copy there. That’s because the offer speaks for itself. John has tried and tested this sales copy and it works. So go ahead and swipe it for your own website. Use it as a template for your own blowout sale offer.

Secondly, you’ll see that there are tons of marketers who have willingly donated products. That’s because they know the power of these things and how it can gain them mass exposure and build their list as I said.

Here’s the really cool part though.

Every single marketer on that web page promoted that offer! That means it has in-built traffic! So John didn’t have to worry about getting site visitors. All those who donated a product also promoted the offer, meaning John just set this all up sat back and watched the sales roll in, making a fortune in the process!


In order for you to be able to track who sends you visitors and makes sales you need an affiliate program on your website. I suggest using Paypal to process the payments and www.paydotcom for the affiliate program. Also, it is a good idea to contact Paypal before your website goes live so they can be alerted to expect a lot of payments coming in.

If you prefer you can also save time setting everything up on your site by going over to www.fiverr.com or www.freelancer.com and paying someone else to do this for you and get it all set up correctly.


Next, just go to google and start typing in keywords related to your market. If you were in the self-help market you may type in things like self-help, personal development, confidence, anxiety, hypnosis, motivation.

Or, you could choose the how to make money online from home niche like I did, but hopefully you get the idea.

Make a list of the top 20 websites that show up on the first and second pages of google. By the time you have finished doing this you should already have a long list of site owners to contact and ask to them to donate a product to your site.

However, the next strategy that I have also used very successfully can put your website through the roof very quickly!

Simply type into Google your niche forum, for example; Self Help Forum, or Business Opportunities Forum. How to make money online from home Forum. Next, you make a post in the forum asking for any site owners to donate products to your blowout site.

You can also find a ton of Internet Marketers via Youtube too, just send them a message using the email template like the one that I have given you below.


NOTE: (Don’t forget to modify and edit this email template with your own details before sending it to potential joint venture partners).

“Hi. My name is (type your name) and I am in the (enter your niche) market.

I came across your website when doing some research for the (niche) and see that you are in the same market as myself. I was wondering if you could spare me a few moments as I have a business proposal that is mutually beneficial for the both of us.

This year, as a special promotion, I am having what is called a “blowout” sale from my website (www.yourdomainname.com). The sale will last for two weeks and will provide people interested in our mutual (niche) market with a huge amount of value.

The idea is a simple one. Website owners in the niche provide me with a report, product, course, subscription or anything of genuine value to add to the package. Ideally, this would have a value of $20 or more..

Eventually, I plan to have dozens of products in the Blowout package. I will be selling the entire package for $197.

By offering a product to the package you ill get a number of very cool benefits. You will gain mass exposure for your website at no extra cost.

Also, you will build your email list at no extra cost. Once people purchase the package, in order to download your specific product they will have to click on a link to your website. Here you can have an email opt-in form they have to fill in before gaining access.

Finally, you will become an affiliate to my closed door affiliate program, which means should you promote the site yourself you will get commissions of over $100 per sale.

This is a win-win situation for everyone. You gain exposure for your site, commissions and build your list, and I also benefit in the same way.

I’d love to hear back from you.

You can contact me at:

(enter your email address) and we can move forward with this joint venture together.

To our success,

(your name)

The above is pretty much the exact email that I have used numerous times before and the bottom line is it works! So fill in the blanks in the in the template above with your own details and use it when contacting marketers in your niche.


Each time you get a positive response from someone you contact tell them so send you the link they want people to visit to download the product they have donated, and a blurb (a short promotional piece of text, images, and/or video) about the product. It only needs to be about 250 words or so.

All you do each time someone sends you a product blurb simply add it to your sales page, and add the links to the download page.


Tell all those marketers that have donated products that for two weeks (or more if you wish), that they should promote the blowout site to earn big commissions. For example, if you were holding a Christmas Blowout sale you could target the first two or three weeks of December.

NOTE: This method works extremely well at almost any time of the year, for example, you could have a Christmas Blowout sale. Or,you could decide to do a Spring or Summer Blowout sale, hopefully you get the idea though.


If you get this right it will go nuts for two or three weeks I can promise you!

I have seen people bring in tens of thousands in sales in just a few days with this method.

The genius of it all is your work is just putting it together and everything else happens automatically. You get sent the visitors, the visitors buy, money goes into your Paypal account, they get sent to a download page with the links to the products that were donated. Your only concern is what to spend the money on!


One of cool things about Blowout sales is that you don’t need to offer a refund on them. Because people can essentially download dozens of products for a fraction of the price they usually pay, these kind of things don’t usually have a refund period. If I were doing it I would offer one, but you don’t need to with this method that’s what I am saying.

After the refund period has expired, if you offered one, or within a fortnight of your Blowout sale closing down if you didn’t offer one. it’s time to pay your affiliates.

If you choose to use Paydotcom for this, then simply sign up with them and log into your affiliate commission stats. You can download these in Excel format. Next, log into your Paypal account and select “mass pay” at the bottom. Upload the Excel spreadsheet and pay your affiliates all in one go.

Bingo! Probably the easiest money you could ever make!

Simply rinse and repeat this method as often as you wish to make even more money throughout the year, such as Spring Blowout Sale, Summer Blowout Sale and so on…


You’ll earn around $40-$50 plus per sale. So let’s say you sell a measly 250 packages. That’s $40,000 – $50,000 in your bank account. And that’s AFTER you have paid your affiliates!

The truth is, because you will have many big marketers in your niche willing to promote, you could make a hell of a lot more sales than that. I like to always be ultra conservative though. You may sell less, you may sell more, either way this is almost like taking candy from a baby. This has got to be one of the easiest and fastest ways on how to make money online from home that I have ever used myself.


It doesn’t end there though. You could build a HUGE email list in just a couple of weeks which you can profit from for years to come.

You don’t even need to have to worry about creating your own product either to use this method. If you also join a solid and reliable Affiliate program like this one that I am currently promoting as well, you could potentially earn a LOT more money in ongoing residual monthly income. This is on top of your commissions from all the leveraged traffic that these marketers will send you!

All you have to do is to post your affiliate link from the affiliate program and short description at the top of your new website, then just add each product link that you will receive from the other vendors underneath as when you receive them.

I hope that you can now start to appreciate the full power and effectiveness of this method of how to make money online from home if set up and used correctly?

This is a really powerful and effective way of how to make money online from home and trust me it works!

This method also the perfect solution to all your traffic problems and also getting FREE laser targeted traffic to your affiliate link (or whatever other online business opportunity you are involved with) using other marketers mailing lists and customers.


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate review

This is one Affiliate program that I DO NOT recommend! Read my full Wealthy Affiliate review below to discover why.

Although I have never been a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to write this review about this course after reading some negative stories and feedback about them from former members.

You may have already seen some of their adverts, as well as ‘positive’ success stories and testimonials online in numerous blogs and sites online.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

What I started to notice was that nearly all of them claim that Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing since sliced bread, and all that you had to do when joining was to follow the training that they provide you with and your success is virtually assured.

Of course the main reason for this is because the person that has written that article will receive a commission form Wealthy Affiliate if they then get the reader to sign up using their affiliate link, so naturally many of these so called reviews are going to be biased in relation to Wealthy Affiliate.

This made me curious to find out more about them and to find out for myself whether these bold claims could be backed up with solid proof instead of just hype.


I wouldn’t go as far to as to say that that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam because I am sure that it has worked for a lot of people who signed up with them, and as I have already mentioned I have never been a member. However, there are some other factors that we need to look at in more detail first to find out if Wealthy Affiliate is worth joining.

Wealthy Affiliate Review



After doing some further research into Wealthy Affiliate I soon discovered that everything was not quite as easy as they like to make out once you sign up to become a member.

What I particularly don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate is that they actively encourage their members to write negative reviews on just about every new product release in the Online Marketing niche that is released today.

As I am in this particular niche, and only write reviews about new product releases that I have personally reviewed and tested out for myself and that I recommend I found this really annoying and very misleading to others.

Are they really trying to make us believe that EVERY new product that is released in the Online Marketing niche today is so bad and not worth the money and that Wealthy Affiliate is the only one that works?

I have read countless negative reviews from Wealthy Affiliate members who just make up these so called reviews and then post them everywhere they can online and then try to point the reader into joining Wealthy Affiliate instead.

I very much doubt if many of them have even seen the product that they are writing about and reviewing, because all they are interested in is getting you to click on their affiliate link so that they get a commission from Wealthy Affiliate instead.

This is another issue that I had with the course, because now you have lot’s of members who are simply promoting their affiliate link in the hope of receiving a commission but who in all probability have not even completed the course themselves!

This sounds a lot to me like MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), and I for one would not be happy having someone try to promote a product or course to me they they themselves haven’t even completed, would you?

Now don’t get me wrong, I know this is quite common practice today and some would say that this is business and this is what you have to do if you are trying to make money online with affiliate marketing today. However, this doesn’t mean that it is morally right, and to mislead people like this is just plain out of order in my opinion.

As I said, this was the main reason that I decided to write this review, because I found it very difficult indeed to believe all the so called hype and dubious testimonials that I had read from other Wealthy Affiliate members.

No doubt I will upset a few Wealthy Affiliate members with this review, however, I feel that this needs to be done to prevent potential new members from being mislead when they are thinking of joining.

I will probably also be accused of contradicting myself and doing the same thing as many of their members do when they post negative reviews on all the new products that come onto the market.

However, it is not my intention to simply write a review just for the sake of it, as I only deal with the facts as I see them with Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, lets move on with my Wealthy Affiliate review and discover some of the hard facts that you need to know first before you consider joining.

Wealthy Affiliate Review
Wealthy Affiliate Review



To start with, the so called “free” membership that is offered to you as an option when you sign up as a member is really not worth much at all as it fails to cover any REAL strategies on how you can start building a genuine and workable online business.

In order to access the more advanced material you will have to upgrade to paying $49 per month, which, from what I have discovered you can already find much of this information online for free anyway.


The other main issue that I have with Wealthy Affiliate is the quality and relevance of the material that you receive from them. For example, it is simply not enough these days to create quality content on a website and sit back and expect your site to rank and get traffic following the methods that they show you.

Times have changed a great deal since 2005 when Wealthy Affiliate was created and in terms of SEO strategies and methods and it is not as easy as they would have you believe.

Of course, since then they have more than likely updated the course and introduced more updated material, but there are much better and up-to-date affiliate marketing courses around today that will teach you far more relevant and workable methods and strategies than Wealthy Affiliate does.


From what I have managed to find out about the Wealthy Affiliate customer support is that it could be a lot better if they actually took more time to answer members questions and concerns. I have read a lot of feedback and comments from disappointed customers who cannot even get a basic reply to their questions, or they are told to post them in the forum and hope that other members will help them.

Wealthy Affiliate Review
Wealthy Affiliate Review


I hope that you have found my Wealthy Affiliate review helpful and informative in helping you to decide whether or not it is for you.

My own personal conclusion about Wealthy Affiliate is that while it may have been a great course back in 2005 when it was first released, most of the methods and tactics that they teach you are now outdated, and things have changed a great deal in affiliate marketing since then.

I have no doubt that some members that joined them have stuck with the course and learnt a lot from it and gone on to be successful with the course.

However, from what I have learnt and discovered, a great many people that have joined have found out to their cost that it takes a lot more time, effort and money than they first realised when they joined to really succeed in affiliate marketing.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate falls short in my opinion, because it does not take into account how times have changed, and how you need to stay ahead of the competition in order to really succeed in Affiliate Marketing today.

If you are looking for an up-to-date genuine and workable Affiliate program that actually works then check out my Number 1 recommendation below


DFY Suite Review

DFY Suite Review

Welcome to my DFY Suite Review.

Here we will be taking a closer look at this new software to see if it really does live up to all the sales page hype and whether or not it lives up to expectations.

As some readers of this website probably already know, I do not usually write reviews for new software products that I feel are misleading or over hyped when it comes to getting page 1 rankings on Google.

There have been countless products released before that make similar claims that are just not worth the money and I would not recommend at all.

However, when I received review access to DFY Suite I soon realised after testing it out for myself that this was one of the few that was different.

DFY Suite Review
DFY Suite Review


Let’s take a closer look at what DFY Suite actually is and what it does.

When you first view the sales page of DFY Suite, the product creator Joshua Zamora claims that you will be able to get first page rankings on Google by using this software for either websites that you already have, or videos that you need to rank higher.

Have you heard these sorts of claims before?

It also goes on to say that you will be able to get FREE TARGETED buyer traffic in 48 hours or less – quite a bold claim to make in my opinion!

That is until I tested DFY Suite out for myself and actually saw the potential of this software for myself.


As you are probably already aware, trying to get free traffic to your website or video is often one of the most hardest and time consuming tasks these days.

However, this is where DFY Suite really does help to solve this problem, because it makes it so easy for even a newbie to achieve page 1 rankings – even if you have had no previous experience in SEO.

Although the sales page for DFY Suite is pretty self explanatory when it comes to what you will actually be getting if you purchase it, I will break down the main benefits and features below.

DFY Suite Review

First of all, DFY Suite allows you pretty much submit any URL that you wish, whether this be for a website or a video (as was the case when I was testing it out for myself with a Youtube video I wanted to rank higher for). You can even use it for eCommerce stores, Amazon affiliate pages, niche websites etc..

There are two versions of DFY Suite, the Lite version, which comes with 1000 credits – 1 credit is actually one backlink, and the Agency version which comes with 5000 credits.

You then decide on how many links that you wish to send to each URL that you submit. Using the Pro version you have a maximum of 100 links that you can use, or, with the Agency+ level you have 5000 credits. If you choose to go with the Agency level then you will be able to send up to 100 backlinks to 50 different URLs such as websites, videos eCom stores etc.

One of the other main benefits that I liked about DFY Suite is that you are able to schedule how quickly you want your syndication to be done. You can also let the system generate the content for your campaigns if you wish as well.

This is a complete done-for you system that requires NO extra effort or work from you – apart from submitting your keywords and URLs.

One of the advantages of choosing the DFY Suite Agency Rights option is that as well as having this very powerful system to rank your own websites videos eCommerce stores etc, you will also have the option of being able to offer this as a service for clients if you choose to go down this route.


As I have already mentioned, I tested DFY Suite out for myself for one of my Youtube videos that I wanted to rank higher for and the results were very positive indeed, and I am already starting to see my video rank much higher.

The video in question is not related to any of the product reviews that I have written here on this site as I already use my own SEO methods to rank my posts high on Google. You can check this out for yourself if you like? You will notice that several of my reviews here are still on page 1 of Google, so I don’t really need to use DFY Suite for this purpose.

However, as I proved to myself when ranking my Youtube higher I was very pleasantly surprised at just how fast DFY Suite was able to do this for me and I am already using it to rank more videos higher on both Youtube and Google.

DFY Suite Review


DFY Suite has been created by Joshua Zamora (pictured below), who is one of the most well known online marketing product creators today, who has gained a positive reputation for consistently coming up with best selling products such as X Ranker, Video Traffic Genie, DFY Chief etc. You don’t have to take my word for it though, simply Google his name and you will find a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from users who have purchased his products in the past.

DFY Suite Review


If you are not completely satisfied for whatever reason when you purchase DFY Suite then you are also fully covered by a rock solid 100% Money back guarantee.


I hope that you have found my DFY Suite review both informative and helpful in deciding whether or not this great piece of software is for you or not. Based on my experience of actually using DFY Suite and testing it out on my own videos I can say here now that I am very impressed with this great product, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who is looking for a complete done-for-you high quality simple 3 step system that actually works.

Click Through My Exclusive Link To Grab DFY Suite

Resell Bots Review

Resell Bots Review

Welcome to my Resell Bots Review.

When I first received review access to Resell Bots I was very surprised at just how good this product is, as well as the potential for anyone to get their own ready-made business up and running in next to no time at all!


Resell Bots pretty much gives you a shortcut to success and everything that you will need to start a lucrative online business by means of your own digital download store.

Within the store you will be able to sell some of the latest and trending software tools – without any coding or design knowledge or experience whatsoever!

Resell Bots Review
Resell Bots Review


Basically, Resell Bots is a complete ready-made marketing system that consists of a total of 6 cloud-based softwares.

The product includes a whole range of all the most important components that you need in order to have a fully functioning business, such as: website design, list building features, traffic generation, sales generation, video creation etc..


When you first login to the members area of Resell Bots you will soon notice just how easy it is to navigate your way around and how easy it is to follow along with the instructions, it really is simplicity itself. Take a look at the pictures from inside the members area below for yourself to get an idea of what I mean.

Resell Bots Review
Resell Bots Review


Resell Bots has been created by Rick Williams with his partners Chris X and Teresa, who have a solid and reliable reputation when it comes to launching new online marketing products. They have previously sold more than $20 Million in software and training courses in recent years too, such as Affiliate Funnel Bots, 7 Click Affiliate, and AI Affiliate Bots, which I have previously reviewed in a recent post.


The best way that I can answer this question is to consider what you will in fact be getting when you purchase it.

With Resell Bots, you will have access to a very powerful product that will give you the potential to match some of the top Online Marketers around today.

You will have your very own ready-made and done-for-you business that will allow you to sell your own digital products and at the same time build your own email list of hungry buyers too.


When it comes to creating your own digital products to sell online it can be very difficult and time consuming. However, this is where Resell Bots can also help you, because it shows you how you can use Resell Rights from other product creators at a fraction of the cost that you can then sell on as your own products.

The beauty of using Resell Bots is that this process is all done for you automatically and takes literally a few moments to set up.

This benefit alone cuts out all the time and effort that it would otherwise take you to do this all manually so that you can focus on doing other things whilst waiting for those commissions to start rolling in.

Resell Bots Review
Resell Bots Review


If for any reason you decide that you are not happy with Resell Bots after you have purchased it there is a rock solid 30 Day money back guarantee so you are fully covered.


There are also some valuable bonuses that come as part of the Resell Bots package, all of which are really useful when you first get things set up inside the members area. You will find these bonuses towards the bottom of the sales page. I must admit I was impressed with the content and information that they contained too, they will certainly help to potentially increase the amount of commissions that you make if you follow the simple instructions inside contained them

Resell Bots Review
Resell Bots Review


I hope that you found my Resell Bots review informative and helpful. I actually believe that Resell Bots is one of the fastest ways for even newbies to make online commissions that I have seen in a long time! I have tested this software out for my own marketing purposes and can say here now that I have been very impressed with the results that I have achieved so far by putting it into action.

This is not another one of those products that fails to deliver on all the hype and promises that you see on the sales page, this is actually a really clever and powerful piece of software that certainly lived up to all my expectations, and I can highly recommend it to both newbies and more experienced Online Marketers and Affiliate Marketers alike.

As I mentioned above, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee that comes with Resell Bots too, so you really don’t have anything to lose by at least trying this great software out.

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Best Autoresponder Review

Best Autoresponder Review

In this Best Autoresponder Review we will first take a look at how important Auto Responders are for Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing purposes.

If you are really serious about Internet Marketing, and in particular Affiliate Marketing then you really need to consider adding a quality Autoresponder as it is an essential part of growing your online business.

To find out which Autoresponder is the right one for you then continue reading my best Autoresponder review below to discover the one that comes out on top of the list in terms of best quality, price, and all round overall performance.


Best Autoresponder Review
Best Autoresponder Review

You may have already heard that old saying “the money is in the list”

This is why so many successful online marketers and affiliate marketers use Autoresponders today, because they can then collect the email addresses of their customers and continue to send promotions and offers to them over and over again.

Think of it like this:

If you were promoting an affiliate offer from say Clickbank for example, and you made some sales for that product you would then get paid for the commissions that you have made. However, suppose in the future that you found a similar offer or product that you could also use to target those customers, you wouldn’t be able to of course because you wouldn’t have their email address.

This means that you are going to be missing out big time when it comes to future commissions and sales. Just think for a moment at the potential you would have if you had managed to capture all of those customers email addresses for your future campaigns.

Another point to highlight here is that many people who see your initial offer may actually like the product you are promoting to them, but did you know that on average it can take a potential future customer of yours up to 7 times to view your offer before they eventually decide to purchase from you?

Now perhaps you can see why I am such a firm believer in using a reliable Autoresponder in order to grow your email lists. It makes so much sense at the end of the day, and the opportunities for you to make regular and ongoing commissions are endless.


Best Autoresponder Review
Best Autoresponder Review

Having an autoresponder set up for your own marketing and promotional campaigns is like having your own ATM machine in my opinion, because it virtually gives you a licence to print money when it comes to affiliate marketing and online marketing.

Having a reliable autoresponder integrated into your marketing campaigns enables you to send all your future promotional emails directly to your customers. This will ultimately lead to more conversion rates overall, as you are already sending these emails to a targeted audience who are more likely to be interested in the offers that you send them.

One of the best ways of getting new subscribers/customers on to your mailing list is to offer them things like a free ebook in return for their email address. You can literally find thousands of PLR (Private Label Rights) ebooks online, just type into Google what niche that you are promoting followed by PLR, for example ‘Weight Loss PLR ebook’

Many people love receiving free information and will happily give you their email address in return for quality information such as an ebook. Just remember to make sure that the information or book that you send them contains good content.


Best Autoresponder Review
Best Autoresponder Review

As I have already mentioned, the Autoresponder that I use is Getresponse because in my opinion they are the best around, with great customer support and easy to use templates and designs that are really simple to use.

The monthly fee that you pay for this service is very reasonable too, at just $15 Dollars per month for up to 1000 subscribers, they also offer a Free 30 Day Trial as well, so you can test them out for yourself to see if they suit all your requirements and needs without risking any money.

When I first started out in Affiliate Marketing I had some issues with a couple of other well know Auto-Responder services that didn’t provide the quality of service that I was looking for and didn’t meet my expectations either, which is why I eventually switched to GetResponse and I haven’t looked back since.


Best Autoresponder Review
Best Autoresponder Review

GetResponse describes itself as the world’s easiest email marketing software to use to send out email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys and follow-up autoresponders.

What I particularly like about GetResponse is that it offers lot’s of great features such as a landing page creator, and the ability to reach your customers with live webinars

There are a variety of email marketing plans that Getresponse offers too, and you are sure to find one that best suits your needs. As I mentioned earlier there is also a free trial plan that you can try for free for 30 days and build an email list of up to 250 subscribers.


I hope that you have found my best Autoresponder review both informative and useful here in helping you to make up your mind as to whether Getresponse is the best email service provider for your requirements.

To end with though, I will leave you with a couple more important facts about them here.

Getresponse has over 350,000 paying customers worldwide and growing, which tells you a lot about how reliable their service is and the quality service that they provide.

Also, with over 15 years in this business, GetResponse has continued to grow to become one of the easiest to use platforms for email marketing, newsletters and automated workflows.

After using other email marketing platforms myself before, Getresponse is the only one that I trust today and the only one that I can highly recommend if you are looking for a first class email service provider.

Thank you for reading my best Autoresponder review

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12 Minute Affiliate Review

12 Minute Affiliate Review

Welcome to my 12 Minute Affiliate review, which is a new product created by Devon Brown. Here we will take a closer look at what the 12 Minute Affiliate System actually is and whether or not you can really make money from it.

Before going any further though, if you are sick and tired of all the scams and totally useless products and methods around today that promise much but fail to deliver on real results then check out my number 1 method for making money online below.

This has helped me make a lot of money in the last few months alone!

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Now, let’s proceed with my 12 Minute Affiliate review

I received review access to 12 Minute Affiliate recently, and when I first started going through the training and following the instructions my first thoughts were that this product was not going to live up to all the hype and promises that you will find on the sales page.

12 Minute Affiliate Review
12 Minute Affiliate Review

However, one of the reasons that I reviewed 12 minute affiliate is because I had previously heard about it’s creator Devon Brown, and his reputation as an honest and successful online marketer who has launched quality products in the past before.

After I had started to look a little deeper into the 12 Minute Affiliate System I started to realise that this product is actually really good!


Basically, the 12 Minute Affiliate is a newbie friendly product that has been created that teaches you how to make money from affiliate marketing.

Now, I know that there are countless other affiliate marekting courses and products around today that all seem to offer the same methods and instructions, however, this one soon struck as refreshing different from many of them.

As you will notice on the sales page for the 12 minute affiliate system, Devon Brown says he will teach you the 3 top secrets of the $100k affiliates.

12 Minute Affiliate Review
12 Minute Affiliate Review

What I have started to notice in recent times is the steady increase in the amount of webinars being used to launch new affiliate marketing products when they are released. For example, take the Super Affiliates System 3.0 by Jon Crestani that I reviewed recently, this is still one of the best products that I have ever reviewed!

These kind of webinars often stand out from many of the over hyped sales pages that you see that are marketing inferior products.

Don’t get me wrong, there are also a lot of very good products that are still being promoted using these kind of sales pages that are really good.

All I am saying is that some of the more quality products that are being released nowadays are using these kind of webinars to get their sales pitch across.

This is one of the first things that you notice with the 12 Minute Affiliate webinar – although it is not actually a live webinar, it is in fact an automated webinar.


The content that Devon shares within the members area of the 12 minute affiliate system is very good indeed, and is around 1-2 hours of quality content. Devon then goes into great detail and gives you all of his affiliate marketing strategies that have earned him around 5-6 figures per month

Basically the 12 Minute Affiliate system is a plug and play method that makes affiliate marketing a lot easier for both newbies and more experienced marketers alike.

12 Minute Affiliate Review
12 Minute Affiliate Review


The 12 minute affiliate system sales page claims that it can be set up and running within just 12 minutes – hence the name of the title product!

It goes on to explain that you will be able to earn commissions in even the most profitable and the biggest niches.

The 12 minute affilate system also shows you how to build up your email lists, which will allow you to post follow up emails to your leads for months and years to come with just a click of a button.

In a nutshell how the 12 minute affiliate system works is that you will be getting full access to a system that is designed exactly the same way as a sales funnel.

This funnel enables you to then make money by promoting products to your leads in your email lists and follow up with these people automatically in the future.

It is worth pointing out here that although this product is called the 12 minute affiliate it is not quite as simple as just setting it all up and expecting to make instant commissions just like that. After all, you are still going to need to drive traffic to your funnel, which isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

This was the only slight issue that I had with the name the 12 minute affiliate, because I have yet to come across any system or method out there today that can make you commissions in just 12 minutes!


As you can see by the screenshot below, the actual members area of 12 Minute Affiliate is very well laid out and easy to follow along with.

12 Minute Affiliate Review
12 Minute Affiliate Review


If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase of 12 Minute Affiliate then there is a full 60 Day Ironclad Money Back Guarantee


I hope that that you found my 12 minute affiliate review both helpful and useful here. After thoroughly testing it out for myself I came to the conclusion that this product certainly does work and I can recommend it overall as a very powerful and proven way to make money in affiliate marketing.

A good funnel when set up correctly and using targeted traffic will almost always work extremely well and can make you a lot of money in commissions.

The whole system can easily be set up a very short time too. However, as I mentioned above, you will need to drive traffic to your funnel once you are ready, which is where a lot of people starting out in affiliate marketing struggle.

This need not be a negative issue though because if you already know how to direct quality traffic to your funnel or you use paid traffic then the 12 minute affiliate system is an excellent product overall.

As I said, the 12 minute affiliate system does work very well, however, naming it the 12 Minute Affiliate is just too gimmicky for me and I very much doubt that even some of the very best affiliate marketers around would be able to achieve that.


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How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos
How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos.

If you want to make money with YouTube but don’t know how, then this is for YOU…

“Discover How To Generate A Regular Income Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!”

Fortunes have been made using ‘Other People’s Money’ and now there’s a smart way to make money from other people’s videos on YouTube with just 30 minutes weekly updates generating monthly payments from YouTube, wired directly to your bank account – STARTING TODAY!



  • Make money from YouTube with no marketing, no filming and no website!
  • Choose from millions of done for you videos and make them yours.
  • Start making money, with no experience or any technical knowledge whatsoever, immediately!
  • Receive regular payments by check or wire transfer direct to your bank account.


This method of How to make money on Youtube without making videos is for anyone who wants to make money on YouTube, and whether you are a complete newbie or more experienced Youtuber you will find this program really easy to use.


This brand new way of how to make money on Youtube without making videos is the one of the few products that I have come across to date that I have reviewed and tested out for myself and one that I can highly recommend.

I have previously reviewed other products and methods of how to make money on Youtube without making videos, however, this is one of the best that I have come across and actually chose to use myself.

The product itself is so easy to follow and beginner friendly and certainly lived up to all my expectations when I put it to the test. I have already started seeing some really results good with this system – and I have only just recently started!


Chatbot Profit Machine Review

Chatbot Profit Machine Review

Read my full in-depth Chatbot Profit Machine review below. Find out why I was impressed with this brand new product after getting review access. This proven brand new strategy can easily be used to make some serious affiliate commissions using Clickbank.


So What Is Chatbot Profit Machine?

Chatbot Profit Machine is a 100% Newbie friendly method that uses a combination of a fully Automated WordPress blog, Facebook and Manychat to make passive ongoing commissions using Clickbank as the main affiliate platform.


The course consists of 19 training videos in total, that show you in a very simple and easy to follow manner how to find hot and trending Clickbank products and then creating reviews for them setting up the system in the way described.

There is also an ebook guide that compliments Chatbot Profit Machine too, for those who find it easier or prefer to read through the instructions.

Chatbot Profit Machine uses a proven method that can generate affiliate commissions, as well as building you a valuable mailing list of customers at the same time.


Things You will need for Chatbot Profit Machine:

WordPress site and hosting

Free WordPress theme and Plugins

Facebook fan page


What Is Inside The Chatbot Profit Machine Members Area?

Inside the members area of Chatbot Profit Machine you are instructed to get yourself Wordpress and hosting to get started, which is really easy to set up and the videos inside the members area will guide you how to do all of this.

You are then shown how to select top selling and trending products on Clickbank. Don’t worry if you have never used Clickbank before, as it is really simple to understand and free to join as an affiliate.

Chatbot profit Machine can also be used for other Affiliate Platforms as well as Clickbank, such as JVZoo and Warrior Plus etc, and you are shown how to set all this up inside the members area too if you are not familiar with the process.

Next you are shown how to configure your WordPress site for Chatbot Profit Machine by installing the free theme suggested and a plugin called WPeMatico. This plugin is both free and really easy to use and basically publishes your posts automatically from the RSS/Atom abnd XML feeds of your choice.

You are then shown how to search Google for the most popular blogs in your niche, then copying the URL of these blogs and then appending the word “feed” at the end of the URL.

You then schedule these feeds inside your WordPress site and go ahead and publish.


The next step is to create a Facebook fan page, which you then connect to your Autoblog. You are shown how to do this by using a free site that connects the apps and devices together to run and work in the best way so that once a new post is posted to your blog it will also be automatically posted to your Facebook page too.

Next you will need to connect your autoresponder

You then create the lead magnet pages, which is really quite easy to do and you are shown how to do this inside the members are of Chatbot Profit Machine.

Although there are few more simple instructions inside Profit Chatbot Machine that you need to perform in order to get everything set up correctly, this is basically all that you need to get everything up and running.


The creator of Chatbot Profit Machine is Dharma Dev, who I have heard of before but never actually reviewed any of his products until now. A quick search online will show you that he is a very well known and trusted vendor when it comes to new product launches.


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of Chatbot Profit Machine after testing it out you are of course fully covered by the money back guarantee.



I will be honest here and say that when I first received review access to Chatbot Profit Machine I had little idea as to how this relatively new method of online marketing worked. I have always used SEO techniques and, sometimes other traffic methods such as paid advertising when it comes to marketing online. However, after reviewing Chatbot Profit Machine and testing it out thoroughly I can honestly say that now I have seen it in action I can see how this surprisingly good product can deliver on all the promises that the creator says it does.

The training and set up inside the members area is so simple to understand and follow along to that even a total newbie should have no problem at all in putting it all together.

I hope that you found my Chatbot Profit Machine review both helpful and informative. Do I believe that Chatbot Profit Machine really does give you the necessary tools and information to set up your own fully automated cash machines easily? Yes absolutely! and I can certainly recommend it.

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SweetSpot Review

SweetSpot Review

Read my full detailed SweetSpot review below and discover why I believe that this brand new software plugin offers so much potential for both Affiliate Marketers and E Commerce stores.


SweetSpot was created by well known online marketer and product creator Dan Ashendorf. When I received review access to SweetSpot I quickly realised just how much potential that this software has, and how it can also be ideal for both affiliate marketing sites/blogs, Shopify Stores etc…


SweetSpot is a newbie friendly brand new software plugin that works on any device by creating and sharing clickable images that help to pull in more buyers for whatever you are selling. With Sweet Spot you can now add shopping style buttons to any image to send your conversion rate soaring.

The SweetSpot plugin allows you to post shoppable content by adding what are known as clickable hot spots to any of your images.

Sweetspot Review

I really liked how easy to use SweetSpot was too, because it allows you to fully customise the images to match your theme. You will also be able to add both images and text to information windows that open separately when you click on the hot spots.

With the ever increasing growth of E-Commerce today it is perhaps more important than ever to be able to stand out from the crowd, and to create and add attractive clickable images to your products or affiliate offers.

This is where I believe that SweetSpot delivers, because it helps make your products more appealing to potential customers and they are more likely to impulse buy when they see visually attractive and appealing images that you have created for them.

Sweetspot Review
Sweetspot Review


The sales page for SweetSpot is pretty clear as to what is included with this product, however this is just a brief outline below of what you will receive when you purchase SweetSpot. I have highlighted the main benefits below

  • Converts your images into clickable images, which are ideal for affiliate websites/blogs as well as Ecommerce stores such as Shopify, Woo Commerce etc..
  • You can add these SweetSpot to any image that you like to ultimately make them more interactive, even adding and editing ‘Buy Now’ buttons which is a big plus too.
  • You can fully customise the colour, background image and text to also match your theme.
  • SweetSpot also enables you to link to any affiliate videos that you have, as well as allowing you to connect all your Social Media accounts to increase traffic further.
  • There are also Millions of copyright free images that you can use within the software, which is integrated with Pixabay.
Sweetspot Review
Sweetspot Review


As I mentioned at the beginning of this SweetSpot review, Dan Ashendorf is a well known name in the online marketing world, with several best selling products to his name already. A quick Google search will give you a lot more information about him and how successful and trustworthy he is when it comes to producing quality new software products.

Sweetspot Review
Sweetspot Review


You will get a full 30 days to try out SweetSpot to decide whether or not this software is for you. If, after this period of time you are not happy for any reason then you will receive a no questions asked refund of your money.


I hope that you found my SweetSpot review both informative and helpful. Overall, I have to say that SweetSpot certainly impressed me a lot with just how easy it is to use and how highly effective and powerful it is. The training inside SweetSpot is really easy to follow and is ideal for both beginners as well as more experienced marketers. SweetSpot is definitely a product that I will be looking at using for my own marketing campaigns in the near future, and I truly believe that this powerful software will increase your conversion rates and profits too! SweetSpot looks to me to be another big hit for Dan Ashendorf and I can highly recommend it.

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YT Supremacy Review

YT Supremacy Review

Read my full YT Supremacy review below to discover why this brand new course has so much potential and why I was surprised at just how good it actually is.


YT Supremacy is a 100% newbie friendly method that can potentially earn you $1000’s per month from Youtube Marketing. The creators claim that you will able to rank your own videos at the top of Youtube and Google within minutes of uploading them, “getting 100’s or even 1000’s of views almost instantly”

This is a bold statement to make, and I have seen quite a few like these before from other courses that claim the same thing but fall short on actually delivering them.

Let’s look a little closer at just how YT Supremacy is different, and why I believe that this is such a good course and why it gives you the missing ingredients that are sadly lacking in other methods and products around today.



Inside you will learn how to rank your videos in Youtube as well as Google to get tons of free traffic. Another great benefit of YT Supremacy is that you do NOT need any website, hosting, or email list to get started.

The fact that you don’t need any hosting or a website should also be a big advantage for those people that are on a tight budget, or simply do not wish to set up their own site too.

You will also learn how to become an authority, recognized professional and trusted video marketer in your niche.

Find out why it is important to have a “niche” based YouTube channel, which is critical if you want to grown your YouTube subscribers!

YT Supremacy Review
YT Supremacy Review

Check out the YT Supremacy Demo Video Below


YT Supremacy has been created by full time YouTube affiliate marketers Chris Derenberger and Robin Palmer. These guys know what they are talking about when it comes to building a long-term authority YouTube channel too!


Very easy! In fact you will find the training videos inside very easy to follow, and they guide you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to become an authority in your industry on YouTube.

Below is a screen shot of the members area inside YT Supremacy that lays everything out for you clearly.

YT Supremacy Review
YT Supremacy Review

After reviewing YT Supremacy thoroughly, I discovered quite a few things about creating an authority channel that I didn’t know about before.

I shall also be using the methods, tricks and advice that I learnt in this course in the near future when I have the time to start my own channel.

What I particularly liked about YT Supremacy was they way in which Chris takes you inside his own personal Youtube account and explains in easy to follow fashion how to rank your videos right at the top of Youtube in order to get higher exposure.

This isn’t just another one of those courses about ranking videos on Youtube that doesn’t give you the whole picture and leaves out important factors, YT Supremacy really does cover everything!

YT Supremacy Review
YT Supremacy Review

The videos contained within YT Supremacy actually show you how to outrank your competitors, who likely have have many more views, likes, and subs than you do by building authority and becoming an expert in your industry.


I hope that you found my YT Supremacy review both helpful and informative in deciding whether this course is right for you. As usual, with all my reviews on this site, I do not waste my time writing about products that I do not consider to be worthwhile buying or that don’t live up to my expectations. However, YT Supremacy certainly did impress me overall, and it can really help you to become an authority, recognized professional and trusted video marketer in your niche. I give it a big thumbs up here!